How the Plumbing Service Helps Limos.

Let  me tell you about my service dealing with a customer who needed to attend a national home maintenance conference. Let’s call this man Joe the Plumber. He requested a limo so that he could look fancy on his way to the conference, where there were the top companies present, such as the refrigerator men, toilet seat men, and the vacuum cleaning women. However, upon arriving at the man’s place, I discovered that there was a leak. What I assumed was only a tiny, if not, insignificant leak, turned out to be a detrimental problem that could pose a threat to myself and the plumber himself because he would have to ride in the vehicle. I was frantic, because I did not want to lose his patronage but I did not want to lose my assets in the case of a limo on fire and a lawsuit. I told my situation directly to Joe the Plumber and coincidentally, he was very sympathetic to my situation. He even admired the fact that I did not assume that he wanted another limousine driver but decided to include him in the situation. His plumbing experience surprisingly gave him knowledge on how to repair vehicles as well, which was something I did not know. After about 10 minutes under the limousine, he fixed the situation. I even rode around as a test run! Upon exiting from the vehicle, I offered to give him a free limousine rental, courtesy of Bakersfield Limos, and was even happy to give him a ride. He said “no” and told me to just make this his free ride. I was more than delighted. He then gave me a card for him plumbing service, called Plumbing of DC. Joe the Plumber even offered me a free ride. We rode to his conference, and coincidentally, he allowed me to join. I then picked him up. It was definitely an enjoyable trip and I will be glad to work with him in the future.

At the conference, we met a great many people such as: Marriage

that new wedded couple. The woman was a plumber and the men was a high school teacher. I am happy for them both. Joe the Plumber even gave the woman some tips as far as her plumbing business advice, and in return, she reciprocated the same thing to Joe. It was a win-win situation. The couple offered to use my limousine service to help them out but they would have loved to help me out with my business during their marriage. Too late! What a coincidence!

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